My Fight to Get Rid of Vitiligo


Vitiligo is a chronic skin disorder that causes depigmentation of patches of skin. This occurs when the melanocytes which are responsible for skin pigmentation become destroyed by the white blood cells.

The cause of Vitiligo is very confusing to the medical community and is not understood. In other words what is causing your Vitiligo condition is not the same as what is causing mine. So I feel it is left to up to my innate intelligence to figure out what is causing my loss of pigmentation. After doing some extensive research I found a perfect explanation as to what happens at the cellular level . Dr. Herman will provide you the basis of what happens when any autoimmune disease starts. By the way Vitiligo falls under the category of Auto Immune Disorders. Watch this amazing explanation!


This doctor has truly given me insight as to what could be going on in my body. I have been to several different therapist. The most common thing I have been told over the years is that I am A. Toxic, B.  You have serious gut issues. C.  I have a weak liver. I couldn’t understand why these therapists were telling me these things. After all I have cleansed my colons multiple times with various products. What could it be? After all these years of doing health conscious things, I am nowhere near being healthy. I am constantly failing in my efforts. So disappointing.  I may have stumbled across something I may have overlooked.


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The Germ Theory


The Germ Theory

     This is a theory that says we are not responsible for diseases; that disease is imposed upon us from an outside source.

Based on Pasteur’s original concepts, the idea is that disease is primarily caused by outside entities such as bacteria,viruses, fungus, etc. It is theorized that these germs attack our bodies, and there is little anyone can do to prevent this germ invasion. This is still the accepted theory of modern allopathic medicine.We have all been programmed or brainwashed into believing in this “Germ Theory”.

Countless people have overcome diseases by simply choosing to change their diet, lifestyle and thinking to cleaanse their bodies. Believe it or not we create our own disease by our own life styles and thought process. Our bodies even have the ability to mutate microorganisms into various bacteria, yeast and viruses and it is our own consciousness that regulates the species of microorganisms.

     All life on our planet depends upon a specific environment for survival. You will not see penguins in Africa, or giraffes in the Arctic. You do not see flies in a clean garbage can, nor will you see pathogenic microorganisms having a field day in a truly clean and healthy person. Germs are usually not the cause of disease but are the result of disease. Germs are the smoke, not the fire.   It is what we do to our selves that produces the internal chemistry that is necessary for germs to survive.

When this is fully realized in our society, disease will be on the endangered species list. Truly,it is the unnatural things we do that force the body into  one situation after another until it loses its ability to maintain natural balance. Because of what we do we change the internal chemistry(inner environment) of the body especially the bowels and then the blood.

In contrast to the Germ Theory, the Theory of Toxicity is a concept which asserts that disease is primarily caused by a toxic internal environment which causes congestion and malfunction. It proclaims that we are indeed responsible for our health. This theory suggest that it is what we do to ourselves (diet,emotions,etc) that provides specific internal environments in which disease and germs can thrive.


1. It Suggest Diet and Lifestyles are Unimportant

A.  It encourages harmful habits by suggesting that it doesn’t matter what we do or eat. Supposedly, diseases are caused by germs or carcinogens attacking us, and there is nothing we can do to avoid them except to use vaccines and get regular check-ups. This theory perpetuates extremely harmful and unnatural dietary and other lifestyle habits which flood our bodies with toxic acids, mucus , and many other poisonous substances. These acids and toxins activate a disease cycle which is a pleomorphic process that causes mutation of normal life forms within our bodies. From this gradual mutation process, disease develops, and if the cause is not addressed, various diseases are allowed to advance into chronic and degenerative states.

2. Deadly Treatments Suppress Symptoms and Stop Healthy Toxin         Elimination

B. The germ theory encourages medical doctors to use costly, ineffective, often harmful, and sometimes deadly methods of treatment that often cause serious future diseases. Medical practices, with the blessings of the AMA and the FDA, bombard our bodies with even more toxic contaminants by using treatments which seldom produce the desired effect, or do so only on a short term basis, while causing many complications, further weakness and disease.

 3. Teaches Denial of Inward Healing Power

C. The germ theory very effectively, causes the believer to deny his/her own trust and faith in the Innate Intelligence (Infinite Intelligence, God) which actually does the healing. It is this intelligence that is the basic intelligence in our DNA. Just as a surgeon’s scalpel accurately and effectively cuts away specific tissues, so the germ theory destroys the faith and often the hope of our own beings by subtly and unconsciously persuading the patient to reject their trust in Divine influence and the natural laws of nature.

Finally it takes away the natural faith of gullible victims, causing them to trust in man-made intelligence, man-made inventions, man-made cleverness, and decisions. This religion takes away the faith that health cans be restored, the hope of perfect health, and the possibility of future health.

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7 Keys to Overcoming Disease


7 Keys to Overcoming Disease

Key #1:  Stop the Energetic Cause of Disease

The first KEY in overcoming disease is to put a stop to its cause. This should always begin by eliminating the source of habits and acts of creating negative thoughts and feelings which are the original cause of disease. We have all created strong habits following the course of least resistance and because of this it is more difficult to change. The deterioration of our health in our bodies and experiences in our lives begin with thoughts and feelings such as hate, anger, criticism, condemnation, judgement, blame, self pity, jealousy, resentment, depression and guilt. Each of these feelings and their related thoughts have specific influences on our glands and nerves which result in the production of poison chemical compounds. Good health requires that we practice abstaining from negative emotions. We must importantly cultivate joyful thoughts and loving feelings.

Key #2: Practice Appreciation and Trust

This KEY is ESSENTIAL, and that is to seriously and enthusiastically practice appreciation, joy and Love- for all life unconditionally. Love, peace, harmony gratitude, and praise trigger positive hormonal and nerve influences expanding the life, energy, and light in the body; bringing vitality and happiness. For these states of consciousness purify and strengthen the life force within us. We will also greatly benefit by practicing trust: trust and faith in ourselves, trust in the laws of life, and in the Divine Intelligence which flows through us and everything else in the Universe. Anyone who doubts in the Divine Intelligence obviously has been searching in the wrong  places, or listening to the wrong words. Ask to be shown the truth and prepare for the avalanche of unending knowledge which opens one door after another.

Key #3  Remove Congestion and Toxins

The third KEY toward overcoming disease is to remove congestion and toxins from the body, mind ,and emotions. Many toxic substances have lodged deep within our bodies. Some health professionals choose to address the local area or obvious trouble alone(symptoms). But as Dr.Bernard Jensen likes to say, “If you step on a cat’s tail, it’s the other end that yells!” For there is no single part of the body that is not affected by the other parts. Intestinal cleansing is perhaps one of the most important systems for healing and bringing energy back into our minds and bodies, for not only is it the fastest and safest way to remove massive amounts of toxins and poisons from our bodies, giving rapid relief to vital organs and body elements, such as the liver, kidneys , heart, the blood, lymph, nerves and glands, but it is a method that can greatly assist in removing old negative and suppressed emotions as well. So, all congestion and toxins must be removed and it begins with a change of the mind and the heart.

Key #4   Stop Eating Harmful Foods

The fourth KEY toward perfect health of the body is to stop eating “foods” that are dead, deficient, processed or toxic, for they cause mucus, excess acid, more toxins, and congestion of the intestinal tract.

Key #5   Supply Needed Elements

The fifth KEY toward lasting health is to supply the body with the needed elements of organically grown foods, clean air, pure water, alkaline minerals, and massive doses of Love and joy.

Key #6  Rebuild Organs and Glands

The sixth KEY is to rebuild the body’s organs and glands. This means to rebuild the digestive function after we have cleansed it, and to cleanse and rebuild the liver, kidneys, spleen, and the glandular system. It means also to strengthen the heart, lungs , and muscles. However, this cannot be successfully accomplished unless we first transform suppressed emotions and have made progress in removing the toxins and congestion from the bowel and the rest of the body.

Key #7    Exercise

The seventh KEY is to exercise on a regular basis. This means to exercise hard enough to sweat and pump the lungs and heart vigorously at least twice a week or more.


The degree to which we follow these seven KEYS will be reflected in our health, vitality, success and happiness.

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